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Joe King 9414 Final 45 300

Joe W. King
Executive Director

Office: (843) 676-8796
Email: jwking@florenceco.org


Lauren B. Stanton
Assistant Director
Email: Lstanton@florenceco.org

Kimberly Culberson 9435 Final 45 300

Kimberly Culberson
Small Business Relations Manager
Email: kculberson@florenceco.org

Hope Jones 9440 Final 45 300

Hope M. Jones
Executive Assistant
Email: hjones@florenceco.org

Cameron Packett 4658 45 300

Cameron C. Packett
Membership Relations Manager
Email: cpackett@florenceco.org

Board Members


Jill D. Lewis, Chairman
Signature Wealth Strategies    
Email:  heidenjill@yahoo.com


Joan S. Billheimer, Vice Chairman 
First Reliance Bank
Email:  jbillheimer@firstreliance.com


Nick Townsend (12/31/20) 1st term
Email:  hdt21010@gmail.com

Buddy Brand 9458 Final 45 300

Frank J. “Buddy” Brand, II
Email:  brandf@stifel.com

James Tolston 9426 Final 45 300
James R. Tolston, III (12/31/19) 1st term
North American Assemblies, LLC    
Email:  jtolston@naa-llc.com


Grey Raines (12/31/19) 1st term
Raines Hospitality    
Email:  grey.raines@marriott.com




Jeff Payne 6705 Final LR
Jeff Payne (12/31/20) 2nd term
Turner Padget Graham & Laney, PA
Email:    jpayne@turnerpadget.com

Buzz Rogers 6692 Final LR
Frank “Buzz” Rogers (12/31/20) 2nd term
WebsterRogers LLP
Email:    frogers@websterrogers.com

Jumana Swindler 6694 Final LR
Jumana Swindler (12/31/20) 2nd term
McLeod Health
Email:    jswindler@mcleodhealth.org

Jamie Carsten 9455 Final 45 300

 Jamie Carsten  (12/31/18) 1st term
 South State Bank
 Email:   jamie.carsten@southstatebank.com

John Bankson 9413 Final 45 300

John Bankson  (12/31/19) 1st term
Wells Fargo Bank
 Email:   john.bankson@wellsfargo.com

*Serves by virtue of the FCEDP Board of Directors
**Elected by the Pacesetter Membership of FCP, Inc.

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